Recent research has shown that engaged workforces enjoy 44 percent higher staff retention - and deliver 33 percent higher profits.

Employee engagement can be defined as ‘the emotional commitment an employee has to the company and its goals’. This emotional commitment means that engaged employees really care about their work and are invested in the company’s success.

With the most common reasons for people leaving an organisation often being cited as lack of development opportunities or lack of recognition, it is important for managers to recognise that highly engaged employees are good for business.

Recent research has identified four key triggers to help create an engaged workforce:
Communication - frequent and consistent two-way sharing of information
Growth and development - opportunities to learn new things and advance up the career ladder

Recognition and appreciation - team members should feel appreciated and listened to 
Trust and confidence - mutual trust between team members and managers is all important

Oakray Ltd is committed to the training and development of its skilled workforce - through its comprehensive training program, mentoring and support for all staff. Proud of its traditional values of quality workmanship and pride in the job, this family owned company aims to ensure that every employee feels valued and supported and is encouraged to achieve their potential.

With 187 longstanding employees including more than 120 directly employed and highly qualified engineers, Oakray Ltd is delighted to report that staff retention is excellent, with many employees celebrating long service anniversaries with the company this month.

Stephen Selves, Senior Contract Manager at Oakray comments:


“Our dedicated staff show a fantastic degree of commitment and loyalty to the company, with many of the team having joined us years ago. We work hard to ensure that every employee, whatever their role, feels valued and supported within the business.”


Employees celebrating work anniversaries in March 2017 include:

Robert Cross, Mechanical Engineering - twenty years’ service
Jonathan Clark, Mechanical Engineering - eleven years’ service
Catherine King, Accounts - eleven years’ service
Scott Witney, Electrical Engineering - ten years’ service
Mark Clayton, Servicing - nine years’ service
Jonathan Munns, Servicing - nine years’ service
Anthony Palmer, Mechanical Engineering - nine years’ service
Oz Ozbayir , Call Centre - eight years’ service
Rosemarie Venables, Call Centre - seven years’ service
Tony Ward, Health & Safety - seven years service

Ben Charles, Electrical Engineering - three years’ service
Dean Farnham, Electrical Engineering - two years’ service
James Carter, Electrical Engineering - two years’ service
Jake Kisby, Electrical Engineering - two years’ service
Peter Warne, Health & Safety - one year service